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There are several goals intrinsic to a psychic reading. The main aim of the psychic is to help you connect with your own higher self, understand your motivations, and see your path ahead more clearly. There are seven chakras in the body starting from the top of your head to the base of your feet. Chakras can sometimes become off balanced, over active or under active over time. Which may hold you back in many different aspects of your life.

An unbalanced Chakra can be caused by life experiences, times of stress such as; divorces, anxiety, depression and overall life changes. Your chakra affects all aspects of your life from Love, Career and Health. This can affect your inner spirit and how you interact with those around you. When you feel like your spirit or chakras are unbalanced get them re-aligned by Lisa so you are running and feeling at your best. Chakra balancing will help you be your best self! Let Lisa help YOU become your BEST self! Call Lisa Psychic & Life Coach today at 732-646-6036 for an appointment.
Chakra Balancing is all natural mediation that will help get you on your natural path. Lisa will re-align you to where you need to be. You can continue on your chakra balancing journey by investing in Lisa's life coaching sessions to help keep you on your natural path. Pricing depends on the person and on what they will need. Call for more information on Lisa's Chakra Readings today. 732-646-6036