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Past Lives and Regression Services By Lisa

Have Lisa Psychic & Life Coach bring closure and messages to you from passed loved ones. During her medium sessions you'll get information that the spirit of your passed loved one will want you to know. Not everyone needs a reading with a passed loved one sometimes you just need closure and Lisa can help guide you through that process. During your reading you may get a feeling and a sense of closure afterwards. You might even find something that has been lost such as; items, communication, relationships or even loved ones. Sometimes during these sessions you might even hear from loved ones you haven't even met yet such as a grandparent you've never met. Helping you and the spirit to bring closure into your life and to the spirit. Contact Lisa today to schedule a medium session with her at 732-646-6036


Medium Fee: $100

Past Lives

Ever been called an “old soul”? You may have had a past life or two. If you are curious about whether or not you've had a past life you should contact Lisa Psychic & Life Coach today for an appointment on Past Lives and Past Regressions. Lisa will help you reach back into time to your various or one past lives to delve into the reasons you do things a certain way in your current life. Keep in mind that not everyone has a past life. Some may have 10 or more and some may have two. Lisa will be able to give you information such as: how you died, did you have kids, what race were you and when and where you lived in a past life. Doing a past life session with Lisa is like discovering new and different things about yourself. You'll gain the understanding and closure to just know and connect who you are/were. Call Lisa today to set up a past life regression appointment or reading today; she will take your call day or night. 732-646-6036