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Tap into your life and have Lisa help you see your life: past, present or future more clearly. You will finish your reading feeling more empowered and in control of your life after talking with Lisa. You will finally get the information you will need to make informed decisions in all aspects of your life. Lisa will answer your call day or night from anywhere in the world. So whether you're in need of a reading over the phone or through Skype. She can help guide you through your questions on your past, present and future. If you need a reading in person contact Lisa to schedule an appointment at her store front. She has two locations one in Shrewsbury and one on the infamous boardwalk at Asbury Park. Contact her today to get the guidance you need for your life. 732-646-6036
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What To Expect

Readings by Lisa are not limited by time constraints. Pricing depends on how deep you want to go with your reading or questions on your life; past, present and future. Some souls are more open than others and each reading is in accordance to your openness to the session. Your date of birth also connects with your energy when it comes to readings. A birth reading can examine the characteristics of your astrological sign and how those characteristics can impact your decision making in your life. By getting to know more about these attributes you will get a better understanding on your life and how you can make the most out of it. During your reading you will not be judged and are free to be yourself and express your feelings. Call Lisa Psychic & Life Coach today for a reading or to schedule a person reading appointment. 732-646-6036


Tarot Readings $30
Reading Fees May Vary